Observation: Putting It All Together

Ok, this is the really fun part. The story of your space. Look at your maps all together and see where problems overlap and where successes overlap. You may make many discoveries about why your space acts the way it does. Maybe your sidewalk is always icy in the winter because an evergreen blocks the warm winter sun, maybe a downspout spills onto it, or maybe all of the above. Are the healthy plants in the same area that is full of worms? Maybe your unhealthy plants correlate with areas where the soil doesn’t drain well, and maybe that tree that doesn’t do well is suffering because the lawn guys always run their heavy mowers around it and compact the soil. Or maybe passersby let their dogs pee on that globe spruce of yours, and that’s why the needles on one side are burnt. This is the entire story of your space. Take it in and study before you move forward with planning.

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